Sharon Hedges, Transport Focus

Company | Transport Focus
Job Position | Franchise Programme Manager


Sharon has worked for Transport Focus since 2006 and now leads the work on rail franchising.

Franchise activity is underpinned by evidence of passenger experience and future aspirations. This draws on the breadth of Transport Focus research and frequently involves commissioning bespoke studies to explore issues specific to an individual franchise.

The key objective, regardless of the structures for the delivery of rail services, is to press for a range of passenger benefits to be incorporated in contracts - and effectively delivered.

Sharon works closely with policy and procurement teams to highlight the key passenger issues for each franchise and make recommendations about how they can be addressed. She also provides advice on passenger satisfaction metrics based on the National Rail Passenger Survey (NRPS). Sharon and colleagues engage in detailed discussions with bidders as well as exchanging information with other stakeholders and passengers.

Further details of Transport Focus research and input to franchises, as well as submissions to the Williams review, can be found at:

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