Ray Stenning, Best Impressions; The Ten Percent Club

Company | Best Impressions; The Ten Percent Club
Job Position | Founder & Design Director; Member


Ray is well-known in the public transport world. He is colourful, charismatic, outspoken, a bit outrageous and rather unconventional. You probably wouldn’t want to take him home to meet your mother.

However, under that threatening exterior he is a very talented, enthusiastic, dedicated professional, and displays a passion that can be quite breathtaking. Ray is the leading light behind the London-based creative design, marketing and advertising agency Best Impressions. For over 35 years Best Impressions has been raising the bar and changing how public transport is presented, perceived and sold. It has created many commanding transport brands and countless successful (and often award-winning) projects in bus, coach and rail sectors. Ray himself was given a special award in 2015 for his outstanding contribution to the industry.

Ray’s team of dedicated designers and account handlers all believe in public transport and are passionate about good design and making travel by public transport an ever better experience. They are committed to turning out work of the highest calibre, and certainly never afraid to tell the client when he is wrong!

At a personal level, Ray’s other interests include film, art and architecture and he thrills to live opera. What a hero! Listen to what he has to say - it’s stirring stuff.

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