Professor Ron Loveland, Welsh Government

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Ron is a very experienced member of the senior civil service with a strong technology background who has worked extensively over the last 35 years at the industry/government interface on technology, innovation, enterprise and energy related matters.

Following tenure as Director Sustainable Energy and Industry in the earlier Welsh Assembly Government, he was appointed 6 years ago as the Energy Adviser to the Welsh Government- with a mix of path-finding, advisory and ambassadorial roles associated with helping to deliver ambitious clean and smart energy objectives for Wales on a joined-up government basis.

Currently Ron is exploring with a wide range of stakeholders as to how innovation in: energy and digital technologies, buildings, markets, government activities and planning/regulation-can, if well integrated, help create a secure, low-carbon, low-cost energy system for Wales, the UK and wider afield.

This is likely to involve a coherent whole energy-systems approach, with interalia more effective consumer engagement, the smarter local generation of electricity and heat, stronger indigenous supply chains and the much smarter and efficient use and distribution of electricity for power, heat and transport purposes.

Prior to this work, and following a much earlier research, regulation and microelectronics industry-sponsorship career , Ron was the chief technology officer responsible for advising the Welsh Assembly Government on energy, steel, telecommunications and more general sustainable business-development policies and the head of the innovation and technology arm (WINtech) in the Welsh Development Agency.

Ron now has a 5 year appointment as an honorary professor at the College of Engineering, Swansea University. He is a Fellow of the UK’s Institute of Physics who participates in the work of many UK and Wales energy and innovation fora and is privileged to have an international dimension to his work- having visited China, Japan, USA, Australia, Middle-east and Europe to gain a global view of low carbon energy work. He is also a visiting-scientist at the world-class CSIRO solar-energy R&D centre in Newcastle in Australia.

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