Jonathan Brown, Ricardo

Company | Ricardo
Job Position | Technical and Innovation Engagement Lead


Jonathan is a Chartered Mechanical engineer with 22 years’ experience at Ricardo in the technical design and development of clean propulsion systems. This includes internal combustion engines, hybrid and alternative powertrains. A background of 15 years working in the analysis and simulation team followed by a role of Chief Engineer in the Industrial Power& Large Engines group, he has been responsible for leading clean sheet design & development programmes for OEMs in the automotive, rail, marine and power generation industries with a range of customers from Ferrari & McLaren to Cummins & GE.

Using a role when a previous chair of the IMechE Automobile Division Southern Centre and on the Automobile Division board, he has spearheaded STEM outreach programmes for Ricardo to inspire the next generation of engineers. His attention is now focused on the adoption of innovation & technology to support the rail industry reduce our global impact on the environment and improve social mobility.

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