Andrew Went, Arup

Company | Arup
Job Position | UKIMEA & Global High Speed Rail Leader


Andrew has over 30 years’ experience within the Transport and Civil Engineering industry, with the last 23 being focused specifically on rail maintenance, scheme concept and development, major project implementation and commissioning. He joined Arup in July 2017 as a Director and Global Lead for High Speed Rail and, since July 2018, has also led the UK, India, Middle East, and Africa Rail Business.

Through his 23 years with British Rail, Railtrack and subsequently Network Rail he has led on and managed the development of asset renewals strategies for regional and national areas. He has worked closely with industry leaders and DfT to develop and set 5 year control period renewal programmes and delivery programmes. He has worked closely with rolling stock experts and DfT to develop and specify the technical specification for new rolling stock.

In 2009 he was seconded into HS2 to work on the development of the proposed routes to Birmingham and subsequently Manchester and Leeds. Through his 5 years at HS2 Andrew was actively involved in the development of the proposed High Speed Two (HS2) network, working closely with ministers, central and devolved government departments, local authorities and Network Rail and train operators. In 2015 Andrew was appointed as Development Director for the proposed Crewe Hub. Through this scheme he developed a collaborative working approach with Government Bodies, Regional authorities, Network rail, HS2, designers and architects to help define and develop the proposed options for the existing station.


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