2nd Annual (2019)

UK Airport Infrastructure Development Forum

Tuesday 02 July 2019


Registration and refreshments
Chair’s welcome and opening remarks
Matthew Butters
Director; Board Member & Airport Consultant Group Chair
Pascall+Watson; British Aviation Group
Government’s commitment to supporting airport development - Aviation 2050 – the future of UK aviation
  • What challenges does the Aviation 2050 green paper address?
  • What are the solutions to overcoming the challenges outlined in the green paper?
  • What challenges need to be addressed within the industry to allow for airport growth?
Ian Elston
Head of Airport Policy and Competition Branch, Aviation Policy Division
Department for Transport
Navigating the different planning routes and processes to deliver airport infrastructure
  • What are the different planning routes and processes available? What improvements in policy are needed?
  • What are the associated timelines for airport infrastructure delivery from applying for a permission to project delivery?
  • The role of Airport NPS
  • Other planning routes available for airport infrastructure: navigating through the process to deliver infrastructure
  • Common challenges encountered during the application process and how to overcome them
  • Possible legal challenges to applications
Sheelagh MacGregor
Pinsent Masons
Morning refreshments
PROJECT UPDATE: The latest insight on the Heathrow Expansion
  • Latest update on the expansion plans
Phil Wilbraham
Expansion Programme Director
Heathrow Airport
NEW PROJECT UPDATE: Gatwick Airport expansion plans to increase flight capacity
  • Growth at Gatwick - the last 10 years
  • The consultation on Gatwick Airport's Draft Mater Plan
  • Gatwick’s innovative plans to routinely use the stand-by runway as full operational runway
  • The Consenting Process
  • Are London airports reaching maximum capacity and now unable to meet demand? How can this issue be resolved with airport infrastructure development?
Tim Norwood
Corporate Affairs Planning and Sustainability Director
Gatwick Airport
Airspace Modernisation: Redrawing the invisible infrastructure
  • Why do we need to consider airspace modernisation? 
  • How is airspace modernisation essential to airport expansion? 
  • Redesigning airspace: The associated challenges and benefits 
Brendan Kelly
Head of Systemised Airspace & Airport Integration
National Air Traffic Services
Networking lunch
PANEL DISCUSSION: Designing a strategy for enhanced and improved surface access
  • Designing and implementing a surface access strategy which is both sustainable and efficient – improving rail links and road works
  • How can we encourage people to use sustainable methods of transportation to airports
  • Should a congestion charge be introduced to London airports to reduce the number of cars on the road and promote sustainable methods of transportation to reduce congestion?
  • What type of services are needed and how could they be delivered?
Graham Cross
Chief Executive
Heathrow Southern Railway
Shamal Ratnayaka
Aviation Strategy Lead
Transport for London
Andy Saunders
Surface Access Strategy Manager
Manchester Airport
Bristol Airport expansion plan – the next step to developing the region’s international gateway
  • The latest progress with plans to increase airport capacity
  • Next steps for project delivery and associated timelines
  • Creating the maximum benefits for the region and for the local community
Simon Earles
Planning and Sustainability Director
Bristol Airport
Creating sustainable airports and reducing the environmental impacts
  • Working towards a strategy for delivering sustainable airports
  • What are the biggest contributors of environmental impacts associated with airport infrastructure development?
  • What environmental precautionary measures do we need to take into consideration when developing airports to improve sustainability?
  • What can we do now to reduce carbon and air quality impacts?
Peter Mulder
Technical Director
Ricardo Energy & Environment
Afternoon refreshments
Manchester Airport – a new look for the transport interchange
Andy Saunders
Surface Access Strategy Manager
Manchester Airport
Innovations and technology delivering electric aviation and its impacts on infrastructure
  • How electric aircraft will lead to the rise of eLCCs
  • Air Taxi: the next innovation for improving surface access to airports across the world?
  • Integrating evolving technologies and innovations into future airport development plans
  • Preparing for the next generation aircrafts: the future of quieter and more sustainable aircrafts and the infrastructure needed to support these
  • Working together to shape an industry which is sustainable, connected and productive to help infrastructure development for airports across the UK
  • What research models tell us about the drivers for airport infrastructure development and what services are challenging future developments
Darrell Swanson
Swanson Aviation Consultancy
Chair’s closing remarks
Close of conference and networking drinks

*All sessions include time for Q & A*