Virtual Conference

Transport-Led Development in London and the South East

Wednesday 03 February 2021


Chair's welcome and opening remarks
Part 1: Priorities for transport development in London and the South East – what infrastructure is required to fuel development and respond to COVID-19?
Transport for London update: Latest insight on key transport projects and the response to COVID-19
  • The impact of COVID-19 and an economic crisis on transport plans
  • Update on delivery of planned infrastructure projects: Bakerloo line extension; DLR extension; Crossrail extension 
  • How will these transport projects lead to development in London and the South East?
  • Looking to the future: Transport for London’s long-term strategy
Matthew Yates
Head of Projects, Consents & Urban Design
Transport for London
Panel discussion: The future of transport in London and the South East: responding to changing passenger behaviour and delivering the infrastructure the region needs
  • The impacts of COVID-19 on different modes of transport and expected recovery: rail, road and air
  • What transport infrastructure is needed in London and the South East to support changes in travel patterns and fuel development across the region? Anticipating long term needs and the impact of fluctuating passenger numbers
  • Applying learnings from COVID-19 to the planning of future transport schemes in London and the South East – how can we use this information to drive more infrastructure development?
Kevin McGinley
Principal Development Manager
Network Rail
Panel discussion: How can we ensure infrastructure projects are built in the current economic climate?
  • Impact of COVID-19 on the financing of new and planned transport projects – how do we build resilience into the system?
  • The business case for transport-led development – the viability of investing in transport infrastructure considering COVID-19, climate change and potential implications of Brexit
  • How to finance new projects – practical guidance and advice
Colin Wilson
Head of Old Kent Road Regeneration Project
Southwark Council
Networking Break
Part 2: The future of investing in transport infrastructure to enable housing development – what are the priorities for housing in London and the South East and how will new housing projects be delivered?
The status of the new London Plan and the impact it will have on transport-led development schemes
  • The Plan’s latest status and its housing strategy for London – updates on objectives and managing the challenge of COVID-19
  • What does the London Plan mean for housing and future transport-led development schemes?
  • How will the London Plan fuel development and economic growth in London and the broader South East area?

Panel discussion: What does the impact of COVID-19 mean for the future of transport-led housing development in London and the South East?
  • Impact of COVID-19: How has the demand for housing changed over the last year? Has the significance of living near a station changed permanently?
  • What and where is the demand for housing in London and the South East expected to be going forward? What transport is needed to support this?
  • Impact of the White Paper – Planning for the Future – on delivering new housing projects
  • How do we ensure that the housing needed in London and the South East is delivered?
Jane Custance
Chief Planning Officer
London Borough of Newham
Andy Rumfitt
Director of Economic Development
Stuart Clapham
Senior Programme Manager – Bakerloo Line Extension
London Borough of Lewisham
Break for lunch and networking
Case Study: Meridian Water: how to deliver a housing and economic regeneration scheme during COVID-19
  • An update on the scheme: latest timeline, changes in approach and lessons learnt
  • How has COVID-19 effected the delivery of Meridian One? Enfield Council’s response so far and their long-term strategy
John Reid
Development Delivery Director
Meridian Water
Part 3: What does the drive towards decarbonisation and improved air quality mean for transport-led development in London and the South East?
Panel discussion: How can transport-led development projects achieve net carbon zero targets?
  • How can we ensure a cost effective and green recovery from COVID-19?
  • Meeting net zero requirements when proposing and delivering new transport and housing projects – what are the key environmental considerations?
  • Innovation in construction – greener building technologies and techniques
Matthew Furniss
Cabinet Member for Transport
Surrey County Council
Ben Foulser
Director (Government, Infrastructure, and Digital)
Break and networking
Project Update: Decarbonising transport in the South East – The importance of investment in public transport to reduce congestion, cut emissions and improve air quality
  • Update on Transport for the South East’s transport strategy – latest timeline
  • How to center the environment and enable economic growth through a coherent transport strategy
  • How to seek funding and secure investment for an environmentally focused transport strategy
Rupert Clubb
Chief Officer
Transport for the South East
Case Study: Key learnings from the world’s first Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) – environmental findings and planning for expansion
  • Assessing the project’s progress and its key learnings
  • The ULEZ’s impact on air quality levels in Central London and the predicted impact on air quality levels in Greater London post expansion
  • How to engage with the public to accelerate modal shift
Chair’s closing remarks
Close of conference and post event networking
*All sessions include time for a short live Q&A - put your questions to the speakers*