Virtual Conference

Rolling Stock Forum

Tuesday 01 December 2020


Chair's opening remarks
Part 1: Identifying and responding to current rolling stock needs
Latest industry updates and future plans
  • Overview of current rolling stock status and needs – what fleet is required where?
  • Expectations for future rolling stock needs and requirements
Panel Discussion: Responding to changing travel patterns and requirements – what are the current, and expected future rolling stock requirements?
  • The impact of COVID on passenger numbers and expected recovery rates
  • What fleet is currently needed, and where?
  • With a drop in passenger numbers and revenue where are the priorities for investing in rolling stock?
  • Is there now the opportunity to nationally review what fleet needed and where?
  • Cascading and moving current fleet
Giles Pettit
Rolling Stock Lead
Morning break and networking
Part 2: Meeting decarbonisation targets – what infrastructure and fleet is needed?
Rail infrastructure needed to meeting 2040 decarbonisation targets
  • Transport Decarbonisation Plan
  • Government support for achieving decarbonisation – long term plans and commitment
  •  Plans for electrification
Network Rail update: supporting decarbonisation with planned infrastructure upgrades
  • Traction Decarbonisation Network Strategy
  • Planned electrification – routes, priorities, and timelines
  • Infrastructure plans and impact on rolling stock needs
Richard Moody
Head of Strategic Planning
Network Rail
Panel Discussion: Achieving Net Zero and decarbonisation – what technology is needed and available to support decarbonisation where there are no plans for electrification?
  • What power solutions are needed where electrification is not in place? The use of hydrogen, battery and solar
  • What is the current progress of development of these solutions? What options are available and being tested
  • What is the current range of these technologies?
Matt Candy
Mike Muldoon
Head of Business Development & Marketing
Alstom UK&I
Networking lunch
Plans and progress with digitalisation of rail: impacts and requirements for rolling stock
  • Update on progress and plans for ERTMS and ETCS
  • What does digital mean for fleet requirements?
  • Choosing the right technology and equipment for rolling stock
Part 3: Managing procurement, identifying cost effective solutions and maintenance plans
Identifying cost-effective solutions and the business case for fleet upgrades compared to procurement
  • Costs of modification vs procurement of new fleet
  • Is withdraw and replace the solution?
  • Life extension of fleet – what opportunities and technologies are there?
  • Anticipating what technologies will be needed and obsolescence management
  • Appetite for investment
Managing the procurement process and designing train specification: aligning requirements
  • Reducing risks of new fleet introduction by having operation and maintenance plans considered earlier and involved in the procurement process
  • Establishing realistic timelines for procurement to allow for testing and avoid delays to introduction
  • Designing train specifications
  • What changes are required to procurement process?
Tim Fairbrother
Service Lead/Principal Consultant
Planning for maintenance during the procurement process
  • Technology to improve maintenance and asset management
  • Building maintenance plans into the procurement process
Networking and break
Part 4: The future of procurement
Panel discussion: What is the future of procurement? What changes are needed to support procurement of new fleet
  • The end of franchising – what does this mean for future procurement?
  • Outcomes of the Williams Review
  • Aligning commercial and operational needs during procurement – realistic timelines for successful introduction
  • What will be the future priorities for new fleet?
Speaker from
IPEX Consulting
Future of financing and investment in rolling stock
  • What is rolling stock financing for?
  • Providing value for money – balancing risk and reward
  • Possible models for financing
  • Appetite for investment
Tony Mitton
Executive Director
SMBC Leasing
Case Study
  • Requirements for fleet
  • Timelines for procurement
Chair's closing remarks
Close of conference and networking