Virtual Conference

Local Plan Masterclass

Thursday 08 October 2020


Chair’s welcome and opening remarks
Understanding the impacts that the revised National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) will have on housing delivery
  • What revisions have been made to the NPPF?
  • What will this mean for the future of the planning system?
  • What additional changes need to be implemented into policy to help achieve the housing targets?
Michael Bingham
Head of Planning Strategy
Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government
Using the Housing Delivery Test and the new standard methodology for assessing housing needs to meet demand
  • How sensitive is the Housing Delivery Test in identifying local authorities that are falling short?
  • Producing action plans and identifying a 20% buffer for land development
  • What will the new standard methodology mean for site allocation and delivery?
  • What are the flaws in the new standard methodology for assessing housing needs?
  • How to identify deliverable sites to enable development
Jonathan Dixon
Director, Planning
The role of Homes England Strategic Plan 2018 to 2023 to address the housing crisis
  • What challenges were highlighted in the 5 year strategic plan?
  • What solutions does the plan provide to address the housing shortfall?
Sarah Greenwood
Head of Strategic Growth
Homes England
Morning break and networking
Updating your local plan under the new policy changes to meet housing targets in your local area
  • What requirements need to be met by local authorities in light of the policy changes?
  • Updating your local plan to meet the new NPPF guidance
  • Identifying a 5 year land supply to meet housing needs – small site allocations and entry-level exception sites
  • Identifying deliverable sites and the evidence that needs to be submitted with your plan
  • The reality of delivering new homes to reach the housing supply targets
  • What opportunities and challenges does the policy change present for different stakeholders and housing delivery?
Rachel Clements
Associate Director
The impacts of neighbourhood plans on meeting housing targets and enabling new development in relation to local plans
  • Using Local Plans in parallel with Neighbourhood Plans to identify housing needs and development sites
  • How can these two plans work together to achieve housing targets?
  • The impact of neighbourhood plans on local plans
Roy Pinnock
The opportunities and constraints that the Green Belt has on meeting housing demands
  • The Government’s current view on the Greenbelt release
  • The issues surrounding the green belt that local authorities encounter and how to overcome them
  • When can exceptional circumstances be used to justify green belt release and how do you make a case for this?
  • The potentials that the Green Belt release has for delivering houses
  • Working around Green Belt Land to meet housing needs
  • Recent examples of green belt release
Lunch break and networking
Implications of the revised NPPF on developing the viability evidence to support local plans
  • The impacts of the requirements of the new NPPF guidance to determine viability at the local plan planning stage
  • What impacts does the changes in the viability requirements in light of the revised NPPF guidance have on developers and local authorities?
  • The challenges local authorities face when conducing viability assessments
  • What new technologies and innovations could be employed to improve viability assessments?
  • Best practice guidelines for conducting viability assessments
Examinations of local plans – what common pitfalls do you need to avoid to prevent delays to your local plan?
  • How will applications be examined under the recent NPPF policy changes?
  • What requirements need to be met to allow for a successful application?
  • Pitfalls to avoid in your application to avoid delays upon examination
  • Including the Planning Inspectorate in plan-making
Jerry Youle
Professional Lead for Local Plans
Planning Inspectorate
What challenges are local authorities facing in updating local plans and meeting housing targets?
  • What challenges and opportunities does the new NPPF guidance present for local authorities?
  • Will the new NPPF guidance speed up house delivery?
  • How can we address lack of resources to enable local authorities to build housing and enable delivery?
  • Using joint planning between neighbouring authorities to help accelerate housing delivery
Afternoon break and networking
Working with local authorities to enable housing delivery
  • What challenges and opportunities does the new NPPF guidance present for developers?
  • How can local authorities and developers work collaboratively to allocate sites more readily and deliver more houses?
  • What factors should developers consider when conducting a Viability Assessment?
  • What are the common challenges do developers face?
Panel discussion: What do new proposals mean for local plans?
  • Proposed changes to local plan - what do these mean and what will be the impact?
  • Will the proposals enable faster housing delivering? 
  • Why does the gap between the planning permissions granted and homes delivered remain significant?
Chair’s closing remarks
Close of conference

*All sessions include time for Q & A*

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