Virtual conference

Consultation and Stakeholder Engagement for Infrastructure

Thursday 01 October 2020


Chair’s opening remarks
Part 1: Trends in consultation, requirements, and designing your engagement strategy
The latest trends and influences on consultation in 2020
  • Politics and infrastructure – the current focus on infrastructure in politics and what the impact of this on community interest and engagement
  • Communities view on infrastructure development and what they can influence
Beyond consultation requirements: good consultation - what does it look like?
  • What are the requirements for consultation?
  • Demonstrating consultation has been undertaken
  • Ensuring transparency in consultation and explaining the process
  • Public expectations of consultation vs requirements
Designing an evolving engagement strategy: creating your engagement and consultation strategy for the life cycle of the project
  • Changing and evolving your engagement strategy throughout the project development to scheme delivery
  • Understanding what questions to ask, how to ask them, and where they should be asked
  • Ensuring consistent engagement and project messaging at different stages of project development
Morning break and networking
Part 2: How to successfully make consultations more accessible and present your project to the public
Increasing consultation accessibility – new methods and innovations to improve the reach of the consultation
  • New ideas and methods to increase engagement and accessibility of events
  • Results and effectiveness of new methods
  • Reaching passive and seldom heard participants
  • Meaningful conversations and presenting relevant information
  • How to reach all of community and have representative feedback
Sarah Walker
Communication and Engagement Programme Lead
Highways England
Case study
  • Identifying and understanding who to reach and why
  • Designing the consultation and engagement strategy for the scheme
  • Going beyond requirements to ensure a quality consultation
  • Lessons learnt 
Asha Saroy
Associate Director
GL Hearn
How best to convey information about complex projects – successfully demonstrating your project to the public
  • How to showcase your project at consultation events?
  • Using websites to convey information – how can it be done successfully?
  • What format and forum is best for different audiences?
Lunch break and networking
The importance and use of social media and technology in your engagement and consultation
  • When and how can technology and social media be used in consultation?
  • The importance of technology in engagement
  • Consistent messaging and who to target
Part 3: Insight and guidance from successful consultation and engagement
Stakeholder view on the engagement and consultation process: when and how to engage?
  • Working with local authorities and stakeholders throughout project development and consultation
  • Understanding the benefits of local knowledge
  • When and how to engage with local authorities?
Lisa Chandler
Energy Projects Manager
East Suffolk Council
Successfully engaging communities with local regeneration and housing schemes
  • Explaining to public their influence on local infrastructure
  • Engaging communities and local groups with the process
Afternoon break and networking
Panel discussion: Lessons and guidance on successful consultation and engagement: insight from a different types of development
  • Avoiding consultation fatigue – how to coordinate engagement for overlapping projects
  • Benefits of early engagement
  • Working with different teams and coordinating timelines
  • Presenting complex information in an accessible way
  • Different challenges facing linear and site specific schemes
Hannah Staunton
Head of External Affairs
East West Rail
Part 4: Conducting consultation analysis and ongoing community engagement
Compiling and creating your consultation report
  • Analysis of responses
  • How to weight responses to consultation? 
  • Reporting back on how the feedback has influenced the project
  • Storing information and creating consultation report
Conducting post-build evaluation of schemes
  • Ongoing stakeholder engagement throughout, and following, the delivery of the project
  • Measuring results and impact of the project on the community
Chair’s closing remarks
Close of conference and post event networking

*All sessions include time for a short Q&A*

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