Virtual conference

Consultation and Stakeholder Engagement for Infrastructure

Thursday 01 October 2020


Chair’s opening remarks
Rhion Jones
Founder, Board Member
The Consultation Institute
Part 1: Trends in consultation, requirements, and designing your engagement strategy
The latest trends and influences on consultation in 2020
  • The impact of coronavirus on consultation so far - what does consultation and engagement look like now?
  • Increased digital consultation - the pros and the cons
  • Politics and infrastructure – the current focus on infrastructure in politics and the impact of this on community interest and engagement
  • Communities view on infrastructure development and what they can influence
Ruth Shepherd
Institute Associate
The Consultation Institute
Beyond consultation requirements: good consultation - what does it look like?
  • What are the requirements for consultation?
  • Demonstrating consultation has been undertaken
  • Ensuring transparency in consultation and explaining the process
  • Public expectations of consultation vs requirements
Liz Dunn
Burges Salmon
Designing an evolving engagement strategy: creating your engagement and consultation strategy for the life cycle of the project
  • Changing and evolving your engagement strategy throughout the project development to scheme delivery
  • Understanding what questions to ask, how to ask them, and where they should be asked
  • Ensuring consistent engagement and project messaging at different stages of project development
Dermot Scanlon
Director, Major Infrastructure
Morning break and networking
Part 2: How to successfully make consultations more accessible and present your project to the public
Increasing consultation accessibility – new methods and innovations to improve the reach of the consultation
  • New ideas and methods to increase engagement and accessibility of events
  • Results and effectiveness of new methods
  • Reaching passive and seldom heard participants
  • Meaningful conversations and presenting relevant information
  • How to reach all of community and have representative feedback
Sarah Walker
Communication and Engagement Programme Lead
Highways England
Digital consultation: how to practically conduct your digital consultation
  • How can consultation be conducted digitally?
  • What solutions are there?
  • Pros and cons of digital engagement
Stephen Henderson
Associate, Digital Project Delivery
Darren Parker
Operations Director
How to maximise public engagement using a combination of digital and non-digital approaches
  • Getting high engagement via digital
  • Complementing digital to fill in the gaps
  • Simplifying complex projects for all audiences
Mike Saunders
Lunch break and networking
Part 3: Insight and guidance from successful consultation and engagement
Stakeholder view on the engagement and consultation process: when and how to engage?
  • Working with local authorities and stakeholders throughout project development and consultation
  • Understanding the benefits of local knowledge
  • When and how to engage with local authorities?
Lisa Chandler
Energy Projects Manager
East Suffolk Council
Successfully engaging communities with local regeneration and housing schemes
  • Evolving a digital first comms solution - the regeneration perspective 
  • Engaging hard-to-reach communities with the consultation process 
  • Lessons learned during lockdown
Matt Griffiths-Rimmer
Director of Communications and Partnerships
Hadley Property Group
Afternoon break and networking
Panel discussion: Lessons and guidance on successful consultation and engagement: insight from a different types of development
  • Avoiding consultation fatigue – how to coordinate engagement for overlapping projects
  • Benefits of early engagement
  • Working with different teams and coordinating timelines
  • Presenting complex information in an accessible way
  • Different challenges facing linear and site specific schemes
  • Learnings from coronavirus - what does consultation look like now? 
Hannah Staunton
Head of External Affairs
East West Rail
Steven Edwards
Senior Environmental Planner
SP Energy Networks
Tim Cutts
Senior Regeneration Manager
Southwark Council
Spencer McGawley
Part 4: Conducting consultation analysis and ongoing community engagement
Case study
  • Identifying and understanding who to reach and why
  • Designing the consultation and engagement strategy for the scheme
  • Going beyond requirements to ensure a quality consultation
  • Lessons learnt 
Katie Jackson
Associate Director, Stakeholder Engagement
Chair’s closing remarks
Close of conference and post event networking

*All sessions include time for a short Q&A*

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