2nd Annual (2018)

Compulsory Purchase for Major Infrastructure Projects

Tuesday 06 November 2018

2nd Annual (2018)

Compulsory Purchase for Major Infrastructure Projects

A practical guide to successfully managing the land assembly and compulsory purchase process for NSIPs
Tuesday 06 November 2018 Burges Salmon, London
Land assembly and compulsory purchase are key elements of creating your nationally significant infrastructure project application, and understanding the timelines and how to successfully engage with land owners alongside the your wider project development is essential to managing the process and getting it right. This unique event provides practical guidance on how to manage compulsory purchase as part of your NSIP application. The event will feature guidance on all aspects of compulsory purchase, including a focus on how to implement powers once consent has been granted.

Highlights of attending:

  • Explore how to implement compulsory purchase powers following DCO approval  
  • Receive practical insight from expert compulsory purchase practitioners on the key challenges and risks facing the compulsory purchase process
  • Hear how to undertake land referencing and how to identify those with land interests
  • Understand when to start engagement with the community and landowners, with particular focus on early engagement  
  • Learn what powers are available and how to demonstrate a compelling case for your scheme

Just some of the key organisations that have attended previously:

Adams Hendry Consulting
Bircham Dyson Bell
Bristol Airport
Burges Salmon
Carter Jonas
DONG Energy
Falcon Chambers

Gerald Eve
Highways England
innogy Renewables UK
Keith Murray Consultants
Mott MacDonald
National Trust
Norfolk County Council

ScottishPower Renewables
SP Energy Networks
Suffolk County Council
The Planning Inspectorate
Transport for London
Welsh Government

Excellent. The variety of speakers and content were exactly what I wanted.

Why should I attend?

Attend for a complete guide on how to approach each step of the land assembly and compulsory purchase process. From early engagement and land referencing through to implementation of powers and compensation negotiations, this event will provide you with first-hand expert advice on how to navigate the process and practical guidance you can apply to your project.

Very informative and a good opportunity to network.

Who will I meet?

The event brings together everyone involved with land assembly including:

  • Promoters
  • Land owners
  • Compulsory purchase professionals
  • Planning lawyers and consultants
  • Local authorities
  • Surveyors  

Extremely useful and insightful.

Interested in sponsoring?

To find out more about sponsoring Compulsory Purchase for Major Infrastructure 2018, please click on the link below.

Very informative and relevant to my line of work, and at the right level.


Burges Salmon



6 New Street Square